The tutorials below provide information on those issues most often faced by Taylor faculty, staff, and students. They are provided in PDF format and require a PDF reader like Adobe Reader or Foxit to view. You will find both on our Utilities Page.

Network Access:

  • Bind Domain - Macintosh: Information Technology has completed testing and have found significant advantages to joining your Taylor-owned Macintosh to the network.
  • Mapped Drives: Shared folders are a useful networking tool. Mapping a drive to a shared folder makes using shared folders even easier.
  • iPad Printing: iPad printing is available for students and employees. Follow the instructions in this tutorial to set up printing to Taylor's networked printers from your iPad.
  • Network Printing (faculty/staff use only): Most Taylor printers are networked to make them available to all employees. This tutorial explains how to configure your Taylor-owned PC to print to networked printers.
  • Network Shares: Network shares are handy but dangerous. Read how to disable unnecessary shares and reduce your risk of attack.
  • T.U.C.A.N. Device Registration: Students, employees, and guests of Taylor University may access Taylor's network and the Internet by registering their device on Taylor's network. This tutorial walks you through the steps involved.
  • Wireless: Provides instructions for manually configuring your wireless connection to work with Taylor's wireless network.

Security & Performance:

  • CCleaner: Free registry cleaner. Especially helpful after uninstalling software. Read how to install and run if your PC's performance has dropped.
  • Windows Firewall: Includes instructions for manually configuring the firewall. Information Technology recommends using the Windows Firewall when away from campus.
  • Windows Patches: Explains the process Information Technology uses for deploying Windows security patches to Taylor-owned, Windows-based computers.

Taylor Resources:

  • Backup Utility (faculty/staff use): Instructions on how to set up and use 4040's backup utility for faculty and staff.
  • Banner (faculty/staff use): Banner is accessed through Internet Explorer and requires Java in order to run. This tutorial covers the installation of Java.
  • LockDown Browser: Tutorial explaining how to use the LockDown Browser for testing purposes.
  • myTAYLOR: FAQ style tutorial covering the myTAYLOR portal.
  • My TU Degree: Tutorial for using My Taylor University Degree software.
  • Password Manager: This tutorial explains how to change or reset your password using Taylor's Password Manager tool.
  • Student and Employee Rosters: This tutorial explains how to use the Student and the Employee rosters. Taylor also offers an Advising Roster, and a Custom Roster as well.
  • Taylor Email: This tutorial provides server settings necessary when configuring computers and smart phones to work with Taylor email.
  • TOWER Proxy Use TOWER Proxy to give your parents or other guardian access to your school records.
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network (faculty/staff use only): A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows Taylor employees access to network resources from home or across the campus wireless network. This tutorial explains how to install and use Taylor's VPN client.

Viruses, SPAM, and other Malware:

  • Malware: Read this if you have reason to believe your PC is infected with malware.
  • SPAM: Explains how to use Taylor's SPAM filtering to reduce unsolicited email.