Student Support

TU AlertTU Alert - Also known as Taylor's Wireless Emergency Notification System, TU Alert exists to notify Taylor University students and employees of rapidly-developing, life-threatening situations on campus. Notifications are sent via email and/or text. Students and employees are strongly encouraged to enroll. Sign Up As Student or Sign Up As Employee.

Connection The Connection - Centrally located in Zondervan Library on the Upland campus, the new Technology & Learning Connection is the place to come for computer support, printing, laminating, equipment checkout, and other services geared to help students, faculty, and staff fully utilize Taylor resources.

Turning Point RebateTurning Point Rebate - Students who purchase a Turning Point license online are eligible for a rebate. Read our Turning Point Rebate Tutorial for more information.

New StudentNew Student Welcome Letter - Read our Letter to New Students for instructions on activating your Taylor account, resetting your password, details on technology available to students, and other helpful information. You will find additional info on our New Student Information Page.

TUCAN Password / Personal Information - Your Taylor username and password allow you access to university resources such as email, classes, and grades. Keep your password secure. Read our Password Manager Tutorial for step-by-step instructions in resetting a lost password. See our Personal Information Tutorial for help in keeping your contact information up to date.

TUCAN T.U.C.A.N. Device Registration - Students, employees, and guests of Taylor University may access Taylor's network and the Internet by registering their computer, smartphone, tablet, or other device on Taylor's network. The process is self-guided and is usually completed within a few minutes. Read How

My TU Degree My Taylor University Degree - My Taylor University Degree is degree-planning software designed to help students track their progress toward graduation. Use it to guide you in class selection, evaluate a change of major, or explore adding a minor. Read the My TU Degree Tutorial or visit the My TU Degree FAQ for more info.

SPAM FilteringSPAM Filtering - Taylor provides SPAM filtering via the Barracuda SPAM filtering device. Incoming messages are scored based on how 'spam-like' they are. The higher the score, the more sure Barracuda is that the message is SPAM. Lower scoring messages are delivered to your mailbox. Read the SPAM Tutorial for instructions on raising or lowering the level of filtering applied to your email.

BandwidthBandwidth Utilization - Taylor has once again upgraded our Internet pipeline, providing more bandwidth for both academic and entertainment use. To assure that bandwidth is always available for academic purposes, Information Technology has set personal bandwidth limits; both daily and weekly. Help us be good stewards of Taylor's technology resources by using our network wisely. See the Bandwidth Utilization Guide to help gauge your Internet usage.

Mac PCWhich Computer Should I Buy? What if I choose a Mac? - While all computer brands work fine on Taylor's network, we do have a few recommendations. Read More

Taylor OnlineTaylor Online - Taylor Online students with questions or concerns can reach the TU Online office at or 800-845-3149 during normal business hours (Monday through Friday 8-5 EST).

Resources for Parents

TOWER ProxyTOWER Proxy - The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) restricts Taylor from releasing student records to anyone without the student's express written permission. This includes passwords and access to student accounts. To assist parents in monitoring their student's financial and academic status, Taylor offers the TOWER Proxy service. Read the TOWER Proxy Page for more information and instructions.

Parent ResourcesParent Resources - Taylor's Academic Catalog, instructions for sending Care Packages, the Parent and Family Handbook, and instructions for making Tuition Online Payments are available on the Resources for Parents Page.