Meet the 4040 Staff

4040 Staff


Beth Kaylor Beth Kaylor - Faculty Connection Program Assistant
Beth began her Taylor University mission in 2000 with the ETC until it merged with the new T&LC. She is currently located in the Faculty Connection and officially joined Client Services in 2015. Beth is originally from “the little apple” – Manhattan, Kansas. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, has a great love for animals and nature, inspired by music and art, and welcomes opportunities for learning new things/skills. Beth delights in going on “God Adventures” with her husband, Dave, and doing random acts of kindness! Her favorite Scripture is Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know what I have planned for you,’ says the Lord. ‘I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.”

Geri Bradford Geri Bradford - Helpdesk Technician
Geri came to Taylor University in 1998 and joined the Client Services staff in the fall of 2014. She loves being a helpdesk technician because it gives her an opportunity to do two of her favorite things - help people and learn more about technology. Geri enjoys spending time with her family, is a big fan of Pinterest, and likes DIY projects. Her favorite Scripture is Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight."

Tony Wormgoor Tony Wormgoor - Client Services Manager
Tony transitioned to Client Services when the former ETC merged with the new T&LC. He has a MA in Ministry and finds it rewarding working with the students at TU. Tony grew up in Alberta, CAN, at the foot of the Canadian Rockies where he developed a love for the outdoors. Prior to working at TU, Tony was the director of a wilderness camp and recently became a certified WFR through SOLO. He enjoys lengthy camping and ski trips with the family, or by himself :)

Current Student Techs

Alex Burt Alex Burt - class of 2017
Alex is a Marketing major with a minor in Photography and hopes to one day operate her own portraiture business full time. She joined Client Services in the Fall of 2015. She is from Wichita Kansas and really loves Taylor, considering that it takes her twelve hours to get here! Her passions include portraiture, figure skating and people. During her time at Taylor she has visited Israel and is eager to go back.

Anna Miller Anna Miller - class of 2017
Anna is a Junior Business Management major. She joined Client Services in the Spring of 2016. She joins us from the Academic Enrichment Center, where she created audiobooks for students. Anna calls New Wilmington, Pennsylvania home when she is not at school. Some hobbies include reading, baking, and annoying Tony. While at Taylor she has been fortunate enough to travel to Costa Rica, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, and Macau.

Ashlyn Mortensen Ashlyn Mortensen - class of 2017
Ashlyn is a Sociology major with a concentration in urban studies as well as a double minor in Spanish and Orhpan & Vulnerable Children. She joined Client Services in the Fall of 2013. Ashlyn is from the intercity of Fort Wayne and absolutely loves diversity. She also loves to do missions work around the world and has been to Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti. She is the oldest of five and has a baby brother adopted from Ethiopia, whom she loves dearly!

Laura Anderson Laura Anderson - class of 2017
Laura is a Web Communication major at Taylor and joined Client Services in the Fall of 2014. She is from Elmhurst, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, but is enjoying her time in the cornfields of Indiana. Growing up in a musical family, Laura plays piano and cello, and is involved in orchestra at Taylor. She also enjoys graphic design… you can even find some of her designs around campus (including at the T&LC!). Laura likes to travel and had the amazing experience of studying abroad in Costa Rica during her junior year at Taylor. When not at work, she can usually be found on 2 Breu or studying in the student center.

Leah Crabb Leah Crabb - class of 2017
Leah is a freshman psychology major and plans to become a counselor in the mission field. She joined Client Services in the spring of 2015. Leah grew up in Monticello, Indiana and is extremely tired of spending her winters in the icy tundra of this flat state. When she isn't dedicating her time to saving individuals from the perils of technology, Leah enjoys taking notes and writing long papers. Not really! She actually loves to read, travel, eat chocolate and snuggle with the ladies of 3rd Breu.

Meghan Gamble Meghan Gamble - class of 2017
Meghan is an International Studies major with a concentration in Peace, Reconciliation, and Justice with a minor in Sociology. She joined Client Services in the fall of 2014. Meghan is from Avon, Indiana and enjoys traveling. Meghan is passionate about going on missions trips all around the world and hopes to one day work for a non-profit organization here in the US. She is the oldest of two siblings and has two adorable dogs back home that she misses terribly. Meghan loves her "home away from home" on First East Olson and spending time with her friends on campus.

Morgan Carp Morgan Carp - class of 2017
Morgan is Communications major with a minor in Chemistry (yes, very odd combo). She joined Client Services in the fall of 2013. Morgan LOVES long walks on the beach, frolicing through fields of wild flowers, and taking naps in a hammock while hanging from the beautiful trees of the rainforest. Altough none of these activities correspond to her living in northwest Ohio, she dreams about them often. Morgan loves to tell fantastic jokes that are usually too whitty for others to understand. She is married to Joshua Carp (Broho) and together they have a pup named Cooper Carp.

Shelby Sims Shelby Sims - class of 2017
More about Shelby coming soon...

Andrew Schmidt Andrew Schmidt - class of 2018
Andrew is a Junior at Taylor studying finance. He joined Client Services in the fall semester of 2014. Andrew currently holds his real estate sales license in his home state of Michigan and plans to pursue a career in the real estate investment industry upon graduation. In his minimal free time, Andrew enjoys hiking, camping, skiing, golfing, and just about any other outdoor activity. After a long shift, he appreciates returning “home” to the deuce (Sammy II).

Carolina Ortiz Carolina Ortiz - class of 2018
Caro is a Junior transfer from Ecuador who came to Taylor in Spring of 2016. Her major is Public Relations and her passions are traveling around the world, writing and reading. She loves to laugh and coffee. So, if you want to make her happy give her coffee. The most important thing in life for her are her family and her friends. And she believes that little actions and details can change the world one day at a time.

Luke Hervey Luke Hervey - class of 2018
Luke is a Marketing Major from a village just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Despite the location of a cornfield, he loves attending school at Taylor and the friendships he has formed with the people here. He joined Client Services in the spring of 2016. On campus, he is involved in the Men's Lacrosse Club, Student Senate, and U-Turn, a ministry for elementary students.

Nate Conley Nate Conley - class of 2018
More about Nate coming soon...

Olivia Brannon Olivia Brannon - class of 2018
Olivia is a Social Work major here at Taylor. She joined Client Services in the spring of 2016. Olivia is from Minne-snow-ta (Minnesota) where she lives with her parents and two younger sisters. She loves snow, tea, walking and talking with friends, and fruit. While at Taylor she has been involved at the Red Barn in Upland because of her love and passion for kids. Olivia loves her “home” in the heart of Olson, 2nd center!

Rachael Schwulst Rachael Schwulst - class of 2018
Rachael is a Freshman Psychology major and hopes to one day be a marriage counselor. She joined Client Services in the Fall of 2014 and never thought that technology could be so intriguing! She grew up in Illinois, but moved to the Dominican Republic at the start of middle school when her parents became missionaries. She loves experiencing different cultures and learning from their strengths and weaknesses. She is also very opinionated when it comes to chocolate’s indispensable role in our world and the holistic benefits of cuddling.

Taylor Plummer Taylor Plummer - class of 2018
Taylor Plummer is a Finance major with a minor in accounting, living on First Bergwall. He joined the Client Services team in the Spring of 2016. Taylor is the oldest sibling and is from Rockford, Illinois. He firmly believes that Illinois is made up of two things - Chicago and corn. He enjoys golfing, reading, movies, and spending time with his friends.

Ally Burke Ally Burke - class of 2019
Ally is a Chemistry major here at Taylor. She joined Client Services in the spring of 2016. Ally is from central Indiana where she lives with her parents and four siblings. She loves coffee, fall weather, spending time with friends and family, and reading. While not studying she enjoys participating in intramurals and wing events. Ally loves spending time with her second family, First East Olson.

Hannah Bolds Hannah Bolds - class of 2019
Hannah is a Film Production major at Taylor and joined Client Services the Fall of 2015. Hannah is from the suburbs of Chicago, but is getting ajusted to the lack of buildings in the Upland area. But along with a passion for film, Hannah also loves everything that deals with photography. She also enjoys anything that involves being outside, whether that be just hanging with some friends or doing spontaneous adventures. But most importantly, Hannah has a strong passion for all things ice cream and is a strong believe that Ben and Jerry's is the best possible ice cream out there.

Josie Luptak Josie Luptak - class of 2019
More about Josie coming soon

Rachel German Rachel German - class of 2019
Rachel is an Exercise Science major and plans to become a physical therapist. She joined Client Services in the Spring of 2016. Rachel grew up in Thailand where her parents continue to be missionaries. While home is far away she loves her Taylor family and is blessed to be here. She loves anything athletic and plays on the women's soccer team. She also enjoys baking and experimenting with new recipes in search of the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

Rachel Strange Rachel Strange - class of 2019
Rachel is an Exercise Science Major who hopes to one day become a physical therapist working in medical missions. She joined Client Services in the Fall of 2015. Born in Indiana, Rachel moved to Taiwan when she was 10 years old when her parents felt called to be missionaries. Even though Taylor is far from home, she loves Taylor's intentional community. Living overseas has infused in Rachel a strong sense of curiousity. She also is extremely competitive, challenge her to basically anything and she will take you up on it. Beat her, and it might take a her a while to be your friend again. Rachel loves the thrill of an adventure and thrives on pushing herself to infinity and beyond.

Caitlin Gaff Caitin Gaff - class of 2020
Caitlin is a Computer Science - Digital Media/Systems major, and started working at Client Services in the Fall of 2016. She grew up in the Philippines as a missionary kid and has been enjoying her classes at Taylor immensely. Caitlin loves to read great books, listen to great music, and analyze the world around her, usually in the company of her great friends.

Jake Masters Jake Masters - class of 2020
Jake Masters is a Computer Science major hoping to become a software engineer. He joined Client Services in the Fall of 2016. Hailing from Bloomington, Illinois, Jake is the oldest of 5 siblings. He loves Sammy II, playing video games with friends, and spending time with his family. On campus, Jake is involved in the Honors Guild and the cybersecurity club. Some of Jake's other hobbies include snowboarding, programming, reading the works of Tolkien, and making short 3D animations. At any given time, Jake might be eating Lucky Charms in the DC, procrastinating on homework, cheering with his friends at a volleyball game, or getting emotional while watching The Hobbit trilogy or The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Alumni (and greatly missed!)

Erin Song Erin Song - class of 2019
Erin is a Mathematics - Interdisciplinary major with a minor in Economics and joined Client Services in the Fall of 2015. She was born in California to Korean parents, but moved to China at a young age becuase her parents were called to be missionaries there. For her life after graduation, Erin wants to go back to her high school to teach and is passionate about helping teenagers with finding their visions in life. She likes playing the guitar, eating, and solving puzzles. She also really loves Taylor especially because she works at Client Services. One important thing about Erin is that she absolutely LOVES the ocean and is sad that she can't see it here in the midst of corn fields, so you will occasionally find her by the Taylor lake.

Krista Hapner Krista Hapner - class of 2018
Krista is a freshman planning to major in Computer Science. She joined Client Services in the fall of 2014. Krista has four siblings; one sibling has graduated from Taylor, two siblings (twins) are currently seniors at Taylor, and her youngest sibling plans on attending Taylor. Her mother, Kim Hapner, also works in the Art Department here at Taylor. Krista is definitley a cat person and will miss her cat, Boo, while she is attending Taylor. Krista also really likes strong coffee and bacon.

Austin MacKay Austin MacKay - class of 2017

Kaitlin Hable Kaitlin Hable - class of 2017
Kaitlin Hable is a Biochemistry/Pre-Med major and a proud FISPer. She joined Client and Media Services in the Spring of 2014. Kaitlin is from Lansing, KS and loves to ride horses. Some of her favorite things are reading, studying (yes, really), eating ice cream and hanging out with her big brother, who is also a student at Taylor. She loves her job, and can't wait to learn new things!

MacKenzie Bedor MacKenzie Bedor - class of 2017
MacKenzie is a junior Social Work major with minors in Psychology, Public Health, and Honors. She hopes to pursue a career in Medical Social Work in mental health. She joined Client Services in April of 2015. MacKenzie also works in the Alumni Office as a Student Ambassador. Hailing from Clarkston, MI MacKenzie loves all things Detroit and all things Michigan! She is passionate about Jesus, her family, friends, sweets, playing guitar, and reading. MacKenzie also loves being active, especially running, biking, and walking outside!

Andi Gregory Andi Gregory - class of 2016
Andi is a Professional Writing major and Environmental Science minor from Jasper, IN. She joined 4040 in the fall of 2014, but started working Interterm 2015. She enjoys spending time with friends, reading, and writing. Her love of stories, learning, and helping others fuels her dream to become an editor.

Becca Jackson Becca Jackson - class of 2016
Becca joined 4040 in January 2014. She will be receiving a Bachelor of Music degree in Composition when she graduates, and she transferred to Taylor University in the fall from a community college near Washington, DC. Becca has lived all over the country and in Germany due to her dad’s job in the military. She loves warm, lazy Saturdays, long walks on the beach, and dogs more than cats.

Carolina Alvarado Carolina Alvarado - class of 2016
Carolina Alvarado is a double major in Political Science and International Studies. She joined Client Services Spring of 2014. She was born in Dominican Republic, but is from Costa Rica has also lived in the Philippines. Carolina loves traveling around the world but hates flying, her favorite color is turquoise and she loves Indian food. Her dream is to move to Africa and build a home for homeless children.

Cassidy Davis Cassidy Davis - class of 2016
Cassidy joined 4040 in the fall of 2013 as a sophomore and is studying engineering physics at Taylor. She is from Geneva IL and has an intense passion for living for God. Helping others is something she enjoys and bases her faith upon, so she loves her job. If you get her talking about video games or ultimate frisbee, she probably won't stop talking. Cassidy likes adventurous sci-fi fantasy books or movies, music of every color, and eating sweets. Living on 1st North English (and sometimes Euler), she is proud to be at Taylor and proud to live for God.

David Watanabe David Watanabe - class of 2016
More about David coming soon...

Josh Klabunde Josh Klabunde - class of 2016
More about Josh coming soon...

Mackenzie Miller Mackenzie Miller - class of 2016
Mackenzie is a sophomore at Taylor and was hired into Client Services in the spring of 2013. A bit indecisive, Kenzie hasn't yet declared a major, but is considering a career in Business. Kenzie loves all things social and spontanious, especially if it gets her adrenaline flowing. Her favorite thing in the whole world is laughing with friends. She once ran a half marathon, and she's proud to say she lives in Ohio's largest Amish community.

Maddie Schoenherr Maddie Schoenherr - class of 2016
Maddie is a senior Art major with a consentration in Graphic Design. She also enjoys illustration, especially watercolor. She is an ETC veteran and moved over to client services during her junior year. Her hobbies include binge watching Parks and Rec, weight lifting, and reading. She hopes to knit a blanket before she graduates.

Mike Kammes Mike Kammes - class of 2016
Mike is a computer science systems major from West Chicago, IL. Mike came to Taylor his sophomore year after ending his collegiate hockey career at Calvin College. Being a hockey guy, he is a huge fan of the blackhawks and can be found wearing his hawks jersey all over campus. Mike is the middle child of his family with one older sister and one younger sister. Mike is an adrenaline junkie that loves to snowboard, wakeboard, rock climb, shoot trap/skeet or anything that will satisfy his need to live on the edge.

Nathanael Gaspar Nathanael Gaspar - class of 2016
Nathanael is a senior from the Washington DC area. He majors in Professional Magic and hopes to one day be the next Houdini. He is currently working on a trick that involves pulling a ferral cat out of his pant leg. Gaspar is in the process of adopting this cat and hopes to name it "Muffin". After graduation he plans to follow his life long dream of climbing Mount Everast in shorts.

Anna DeVries Anna DeVries - class of 2015
Anna DeVries is an International Business major from Martin, MI (about a half hour south of Grand Rapids). She joined Client Services in the fall of 2014. While she doesn’t necessarily like the corn fields of Upland, they remind her of home, so she thinks they can stay. Some of Anna’s interests include: reading, watching movies, hanging out with friends, doing handmade craft things, going to lots of concerts, and drawing. Anna also enjoys traveling. She was a part of the 2011 FISP class and hopes to go back to Ireland someday.

Brunel HamlettBrunel Hamlett - class of 2015
Brunel is an Elementary Education major from Hong Kong who started working for Client Services Spring of 2012. When he is home, Brunel enjoys playing ice hockey and roller hockey and watching sports like rugby. He also likes to help out setting up the sound system for his church and playing the drums. He especially likes to spend time with his wife. Being British, he would also like to see Hong Kong under British rule again.

Casey Chang Casey Chang - class of 2015

Emily Wilson Emily Wilson - class of 2015
Emily is a Graphic Design major originally from Collegeville, PA. She joined Client Services in January of 2012. While working at IT has allowed her to indulge her curiosity about computers, Emily enjoys also every aspect of music (everything from Opera to Indie to Metal) and art. She misses the hustle and bustle of living near Philadelphia but is learning to love the peacefulness of Upland. You can often find her on Third Berg hanging out with friends or burying herself in textbooks.

Jerchovia Moxey Jerchovia Moxey - class of 2015
Jerchovia Moxey is a Senior double major in International Business and Marketing from the sunny islands of The Bahamas. Jerchovia joined the Client Servies staff the fall of 2014. She loves the challenge of learning more about customer service and information technology. Jerchovia loves fashion, watching tv shows, reading, travelling and dancing. Jerchovia is very interested in creative business and has hopes of going into Advertising... or even Fashion design potentially. She has also recently launched her new blog: 'Jack of all Trades' that highlights her love of dance, fashion, photography and life experiences.

Josh Spotts Josh Spotts - class of 2015
Josh is a Professional Writing major and lives on Sammy II. He enjoys messing around on his computer, writing, reading, and playing strategy games. He joined Client Services in the Fall of 2011, hails from southern Michigan, and is always willing to help. His favorite class is, of course, Professional Writing.

Katelyn Irons Katelyn Irons - class of 2015
Katelyn is a Senior Professional Writing major, Corporate Communication and Creative Writing double minor who wishes she was smart enough to be a Computer Science major. She joined 4040 in Fall of 2014. Originally an only child homeschooler from a small town in southeast Michigan, she has been now been proficiently socialized and no longer bites. Katelyn loves geckos, fiery explosions, playing Nintendo NES with friends, and listening to swing music while cooking.

Kehlay Dunah Kehlay Dunah - class of 2015
Kehlay is studying public relations with a minor in biology. She was born in Liberia, Africa and moved to the United States at a young age. Kehlay lives in Aurora, Illinois with her immediate family. She joined the Client Services team in 2011 as a freshman, looking for an opportunity to try something different. As a member of the track team, performer in Airband, Nostalgia Night, and Mosaic Night, Kehlay loves being involved on-campus and making the absolute most of her Taylor experience.

Kristie Montie Kristie Montie - class of 2015
Kristie is a senior Sport Management major at Taylor and joined Client Services in the spring of 2014. Kristie is originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan though she has moved many times outside of the States. She now resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. Kristie has become a little bit obsessed with sky diving and looks forward to jumping out of a perfectly good airplane for a fourth time shortly after graduation. Next on her bucket list is a shark cage diving experience. *insert cliché eHarmony profile information*

Lauryn Congemi Lauryn Congemi - class of 2015
Lauryn is an Interpersonal Communications major with a minor in Psychology. She joined Client Services in the spring of 2012. Some of Lauryn's favorite things to do include hanging out with friends, spending time with family, being involved at church, and eating ice cream!

Samuel Bolds Samuel Bolds - class of 2015
Samuel is a Computer Science and Business Information Systems major who enjoys working hands on with technology. His interests include wood working, running, and acting as an extra in Hollywood movies.

Taylor Miller Taylor Miller - class of 2015
Taylor is a Biology/Pre-Med major from West Branch, MI. He joined 4040 in the spring of 2011 but began working the Fall of 2012. Some passions of his include family, friends, sports, and wanting to help others, one of his reasons for wanting to be in the medical field. Taylor is currently a sophmore living on Second East Wengatz and couldn't be happier than where he is now.

Afton Olson Afton Olson - class of 2014
Afton is an Elementary Education and Special Education major from Illinois who joined Client Services in the Fall of 2011. Spending time with family and friends is something she finds really important. She loves being at Taylor and is very happy God called her here. Afton lives in Olson hall and enjoys hanging out with friends from her wing. Ask her about her friends and she'll respond "I love the random things that we do, there is never a dull moment, and I love it." Afton is quite active, and enjoys playing sports.

Bobby Mock Bobby Mock - class of 2014
Bobby is a Christian Educational Ministry major living on Sammy 2. He joined Client Services in the fall of 2010. When not working, in class, or doing homework, he uses the other ten minutes of his day to play basketball and spend time with his friends (sometimes at the same time). Bobby enjoys working on his car, reading, video games, attempting to play guitar, and yelling at his friends from across campus. Bobby is known for his impressive ability to lighten the mood during even the most intense and/or depressing conversations.

Dan Morton Dan Morton - class of 2014
Daniel is a Professional Writing major from Bloomington, IN. He joined Client Services in Fall of 2010. Aside from computers, his pastimes include reading and writing fiction, film, playing the stock market like Yo-Yo Ma plays the cello, and running. A resident of Phurst West Wengatz, Daniel is a neutral force in the PC/Mac debate. You might think the fact that he knows pi to 50 decimals makes him a nerd, but you would be wrong. His heroes include Paul the Apostle, Theodore Roosevelt, and that guy from the Old Spice commercials. Oftentimes, Daniel can be heard making obscure movie references and using abbreviations he does not understand.

George Harwood George Harwood - class of 2014
George is a Computer Science/New Media/Systems major from Chaska Minnesota. He joined Client Services in the Fall of 2011. Besides enjoying working with computers, George also partakes in various intramurals such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball. He lives in Wengatz on First West, and has gotten to know a few close friends there. He enjoys the occasional video game, music album, movie, and TV show, along with socializing, and playing board games with friends. He really enjoys helping people with their computer issues and through that, learning as much as he can in the process.

Jesse Kanuchok Jesse Kanuchok - class of 2014
Jessee is pursuing a BS in Psychology and Systems degree. He joined Client Services in the Fall of 2011. Despite the self-imposed image of a naïve idiot, Jesse is actually taking in FAR more information than most would ever think. The blank stares, the random comments and unpredictable games of rock/paper/scissors are just there to hide the intelligence, hidden so well even he himself isn’t sure it really exists at times.

Jo Pinegar Jordan Pinegar - class of 2014
Jo is an International Studies major from Colorado Springs, CO who is contemplating a double-major in Psychology. As a Colorado native, Jo loves to be outdoors hiking, biking, climbing, or walking. She hopes to work in athletic or personal training upon graduation (God willing!). Jo dwells in 3G (third floor of Gerig) and absolutely loves living with the many computer science majors there. Hired in Fall '09 to work in Client Services, she looks forward to a semester filled with finding solutions to your computer issues!

Joan Comboni Juan Comboni - class of 2014
Juan is from Bolivia and is majoring in Computer Science, New Media. He thinks being a sophomore at Taylor is awesome because he has learned a lot and really likes the community and the people here. Juan joined Client Services in J-Term of 2011 and has found he enjoys helping people with technical issues. Juan wants to use his major to create/design video games and web pages. Besides liking video games and programming, he likes to spend time with friends and enjoys meeting new people. Juan's favorite sport is soccer, but he also swims and plays tennis. Although Bolivia has much warmer weather than Indiana and Juan has only experienced snow a few times, his favorite season is winter.

Leah Kanuchok Leah Kanuchok - class of 2014

Michael Connolly Michael Connolly - class of 2014

Morgan Worrell Morgan Worrell - class of 2014
Morgan is a Computer Science – New Media major from Nassau, Bahamas. He joined 4040 in the spring of 2011. Some passions of his include family, friends, helping others, and the intense urge to design and create. Morgan is currently a senior living on Sammy II and will be graduating soon aspiring towards a career in Game Development. Although he misses the sunny beaches and great island food, he is appreciative of where God has placed him.

Treat Metcalf Treat Metcalf - class of 2014
Robert Treat Paine Metcalf the third is a senior media communications major and comes from a large family (11 aunts and uncles and 31 first cousins!) He is very close with his family and someday hopes to live near them. Treat enjoys programming games in his spare time and learning about physics. He, rather dejectedly, tells us that his name has no relation to the Metcalf art building.

Yegee Min Yegee Min - class of 2014
Yegee is a Biology/Pre-Med major from South Korea. She joined Client Services in Fall of 2010 and has recently developed a new skill - talking to computers. Yegee loves hanging out with friends on campus and enjoys being spontaneous. Although she misses the good food Korea has to offer, she loves being a part of Taylor's community and is thankful that God has led her to Taylor.

Alex Moore Alex Moore - class of 2013
Alex is pursuing a major in Visual Arts/Photography. He joined Client Services as a high schooler in the Summer of 2007. Alex grew up here in Upland. He has a passion for photography and works on his skills every day. Alex can often be found at Upland Community Church where he volunteers as the recording engineer for the Media Ministries. When all else fails, he can (not) be found unplugged from everything; camping with a group of friends.

Ashley Crutcher Ashley Crutcher - class of 2013
Ashley is a Computer Science-New Media/Systems major from Southern Illinois who now resides in the awesomeness of 3G, Gerig Hall. Don't be fooled; although she is a computer science major, she is quite possibly the absolute worst at geek culture (her one redeeming quality is that she is a dedicated xkcd comic reader). When Ashley is not programming in the Dungeon or designing in the Mac lab, she enjoys strumming guitar while serenading various FOSO boys, writing love letters to the DC, playing piano, singing, meaningful conversations, various sports, and other amusing activities.

Austin Stoltzfus Austin Stoltzfus - class of 2013
Austin is a Computer Science New Media/Systems major from New Holland, PA. He joined Client Services in the Fall of 2009. Besides working with computers, Austin's other passions include graphic design, web design, reading, and having meaningful conversations with people. He has been known to spontaneously (and sometimes unknowingly) switch mid-sentence to speaking in a British or Irish accent. Austin also enjoys seeing the reaction of complete strangers upon randomly enacting various personae or characters in public places.

Britney Seymour Britney Seymour - class of 2013
Britney transfered to Taylor as a Junior majoring in Exercise Science with the goal of becoming a Physical Therapist. She likes long walks on the beach and watching sunsets (not sunrises as she and sleep have a steady relationship going). Her favorite physical activities are swimming and dancing. Britney is from the island of Nassau, Bahamas but 3rd Berg is her current residence.

Eliazer Rodriguez Frias Eliazer Rodriguez Frias - class of 2013
Eliezer is a Computer Science major from the Dominican Republic. He loves meeting new people, and he certainly loves being at Taylor. Eliazer joined Client Services in the Fall of 2009. Besides computer programming, he enjoys learning foreign languages, reading pretty much any kind of book, mountain bike rides, and assisting in children's ministries at his local church. Eliezer's desire is to someday go back to his own country and serve the Lord with the knowledge and skills that he is acquiring at TU.

Miles Fogle Miles Fogle - class of 2013
Miles is studying sociology and looking for another program to minor in. He joined Client Services within his first two weeks of school (Fall, 2009) and enjoys spending his time in the basement when he is not out playing football or hanging out on the Brotherhood. Miles is from the Chicago land suburbs, but thinks the cornfields of Upland are a good escape from the crowds. During time in his dorm he likes to try and see how loud he can get his music before a PA reprimands him.

Paul Nurkkala Paul Nurkkala - class of 2013
Paul Nurkkala is a Computer Science Major with an emphasis in Systems. As a senior at King's Academy (yes, Paul is a townie), he began training in Client Services and officially joined the CS team Fall of 2009. While school and work take up nearly all his time, he definitely enjoys relaxing and hanging out with all his crazy friends.

Renée Kropf Renée Kropf - class of 2013
Renée is a Media Communications, Production Concentration major from Peekskill, NY. She joined Client Services in the Fall of 2011 and enjoys watching TV shows and movies and having nerdy, only slightly obsessed conversations about them. Her favorite movies are The Lord of the Rings and her favorite show is Doctor Who. If this information provides you any insight into any of the possible stereotypes she might fall into...whatever you're're probably right. She has a fish named Barbossa, enjoys playing the guitar, spontaneously creates impromptu song lyrics, is learning to speak in a Scottish accent, and is (not quite so shamefully) addicted to caffeine.

Spencer Roller Spencer Roller - class of 2013
Spencer is a pre-major who joined Client Services in the Fall of 2009. Spencer grew up in Indiana and will someday move to Indianapolis. Spencer enjoys ministry, hopes to someday work in missions, and enjoys all sports. If you check right now, he is probably playing lacrosse.

Chris Vroon Chris Vroon - class of 2012
Chris dreams of a world where choosing a major that covers at least eight different fields is possible without spending the rest of her life in college. Through a long and strange chain of events, she ended up pursuing a degree in mathematics. Her passions and activities include (yet are by no means limited to) photography, reading, taking walks, finding new ways to be spontaneous, adventurous, and silly, taking naps, and – most importantly - getting to know people and enjoying those she already loves. Chris is very proud to call Colorado her home (aside from Taylor) and urges you to go see CO if you have never been there yourself!

Rohit Jesudian Rohit Jesudian - class of 2012
Rohit is a Graphic Design major who enjoys spending most of his time chilling and hanging out with friends. He is very social, and you can usually find him gliding around campus on his longboard. He loves travelling and can speak four lanaguages. He is hoping to travel the world once he graduates using design and media to help stuggling missionaries raise support.

Will Mitchell Will Mitchell - class of 2012
Will finally couldn't stomach computers anymore and switched to Environmental Engineering, with hopes of going to Purdue to earn a masters in Agronomy. He spends his spare time annoying Dr. Squires with his half-baked Global Warming conspiracies, arguing with Dr. Kiers about the fallacies of Bohr's Model of the Atom and collecting an eclectic range of knowledge that will come in handy for the coming Zombie/Nuclear/Artificial Intelligence Apocalypse. That knowledge includes martial arts, medieval history, ancient agriculture, survivalism, computers and witty one liners.

Abby Kallina Abby Kallina - class of 2011
Abby is a Computer Science New Media/Systems major. She joined Client Services in the fall of her sophomore year in 2008. She loves sports, particularly basketball, softball, and volleyball, and enjoys being outdoors, watching movies, reading, and hanging out with family and friends. She is also the youngest of three girls, all who have gone to Taylor and are Comp Sci majors. Last but not least, Abby is from Baltimore, Maryland, and has been a proud Raven's football fan (and Oriole's fan) since she was little.

Andrew Broersma Andrew Broersma - class of 2011
Andrew Broersma is a Creative Writing Major focusing mostly on fiction. He likes the winter quite a bit as he grew up in Moscow Russia. When he isn't in class or working, he enjoys spending time with the guys on Second Berg. He enjoys the many video games that are played and television shows at which he guffaws.

April McDonald April McDonald - class of 2011
April graduated from Taylor with a degree in International Studies and History with a minor in Spanish. She enjoyed being a Taylor student so much that she’s back for an extra year taking classes in Bible, Christian Education, and Graphic Design to help prepare her for her life calling of being a missionary in Eastern Europe working with college students. April loves getting to know people and learning new things; an adventurous spirit, she’ll try almost anything so long as it’s ethical, moral, and legal! She especially likes dancing (Airband!), playing board and card games, watching movies, playing volleyball, and just about anything in the ice or snow (figure skating, skiing, snow soccer…).

Andrea Parra Andrea Parra - class of 2011
Andrea earned her Bachelors of Science at Taylor and is currently finishing up her Masters in Environmental Science. She is an international student from Venezuela who loves to travel. Andrea speaks three languages and hopes to learn at least three more - she's currently working on Hindi. Her plan is to use her Environmental Science major to provide developing countries with clean drinking water. Andrea loves traveling, hanging out with friends, taking long walks, and playing with her new puppy, Koda.

Becca Durovey Becca Durovey - class of 2011
Rebecca Durovey is a graduating senior in the class of 2011 with a degree in Music Education. She was a late bloomer, not joining Client Services until J-term of her final year. Her first experience with computers was opening a large package on Christmas morning 8 years ago to find her first personal desktop PC... in pieces. She learned very quickly where all the parts go as she built it herself (with the help of her father, Terry Davis). Rebecca grew up in the Upland area and has been married for two wonderful years to her husband, Lance. She enjoys streaming TV shows through Netflix and ignoring homework, often at the same time.

Ben Kinney Ben Kinney - class of 2011
Ben is undeclared in his major but it leaning towards something in the physics or engineering field. He joined Client Services in the Fall of 2008. In his free time he enjoys movies (lots and lots of movies), music, and spending time with his friends. Ben also enjoys long walks on the beach and nice pair of pants. He dreams of one day building a replica of the Death Star to live in and marrying the cheerleader from Heroes.

Benjamin Warner Benjamin Warner - class of 2011
Benjamin is an Economics/Systems major with a dual minor in both Mathematics and Physics. He joined Client Services in the Fall of 2007. Outside of homework, he enjoys hanging out with friends, playing sports, reading (before encountering Zondervan's selection), strategy gaming, and the outdoors. He is also an unabashed chocoholic.

Chad Jordan Chad Jordan - class of 2011
Chad is a Computer Science - New Media major. Chad joined Client Services in the Fall of 2007 and managed the Tech Roster from Fall of 2006 through 2009. His interests, other than computers and animation include listening to copious amounts of music, watching movies, photography, piano, writing, RPG's, puzzles, geometrical meanings of central extensions of the algebra of diffeomorphisms of circles... and healthy doses of sarcasm.

Luke Dornon Luke Dornon - class of 2011
Luke is an Engineering Physics major who has been working for Client Services since the spring of 2009. He enjoys listening to music as well as making some when he is not busy solving the engineering question of the day. He also enjoys spending time with his dorm-fellows of Gerig and pretending to understand more physics and math than he actually does. Luke hopes to someday become a slightly mad scientist and own his own planet on which to build his numerous machines and inventions.

Luke Wynsma Luke Wynsma - class of 2011
Luke is a Management major with an Entrepreneurship minor and is living the dream on Third West Wengatz. He manages an e-business on campus called through SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise), the university's business club. Luke will be traveling to Hong Kong with Taylor's International Business Study tour this upcoming J-Term and is looking forward to graduating in May and getting a job... a real job.

Matt Rasband Matt Rasband - class of 2011
Matt is a Finance major that enjoys playing with computers in his free time, hence the job. He joined the team in Fall, 2008. Matt digs music (playing and listening), snowboarding, my mountains (yes - My mountains), and small town "what are we going to do" type questions that have few free answers. His favorite word is: "Word" because it is almost always applicable.

Nate Wilson Nate Wilson - class of 2011
Nate is a Media Communications Major with a Film Production Emphasis. Nate joined Client Services in the spring of 08 and enjoys the work and people he works with. He enjoys sports; both playing and watching... mostly basketball and football. He also likes music, being outside, and cars (working on and driving them).

Philip Reese Phil Reese - class of 2011
Phil is a Business Management / Systems major who has too many interests and too little time. He enjoys sports, photography, and above all else, music. He is a musician who senses God's calling to that field in some way, but knows he needs a realistic job as well to help pay for college. Philip knows his way around a computer, and since spring 2008 has been putting that knowledge to use for Client Services.

Rachel Bird Rachel Bird - class of 2011
Rachel joined Client Services in the summer of 2007. After changing her major once a semester for her entire time at Taylor, she finally settled on a Computer Science major so that she could graduate. Her hobbies include rip-sticking, playing Ultimate, running, and cycling. She also enjoys pranking her brother's (Seth Bird) Droid. While in the past she has had the grand aspirations of going overseas to East Asia or going to graduate school upon the completion of her degree, she currently has no plans for after graduation. In her spare time (which rarely exists) Rachel often frequents the theater.

Robert Long Robert Long - class of 2011
Robert is a Computer Science/Intelligent Systems/Systems major. He joined Client Services in the Fall of 2008. He has an infectious laugh which can often be heard in the DC from as far away as the Jake Drake Skyway. This is in sharp contrast to the fact that he was also once a Blue Man. He enjoys puns and is known by many to have created the most amazing knock-knock joke ever conceived by man.

Sean Knutson Sean Knutson - class of 2011
Sean joined Client Services in J-Term, 2009 and is a studious C.S./Systems major. Somewhere, he heard that 160 was the minimum, not the maximum, number of credits you can take, so he added a minor in Spanish just to graduate. Besides combating an eternal onslaught of homework (which he believes is a faculty plot), he enjoys tennis, Ultimate frisbee, climbing on things, biking, and most other physical activities, as well as spending time with his Gerig dorm mates, tinkering with computers, and sometimes working on his car. He will most likely spend the rest of his life wondering why he is frequently confused with Seth Bird.

Seth Bird Seth Bird - class of 2011
Seth Alexander Bird (the First) is among the first to partake in Taylor's new Software Studio Computer Science concentration ("You just got Nurked!") Seth wants someday to become a Computer Science professor in order to contribute to the supposed faculty plot currently assailing Sean Knutson. Seth sees the current status of the faculty plot as rather shallow in his mind, considering that no one has yet brount in an actual goat and sacrificed it to the homework gods. Seth is also known for his brilliant transitional sentences such as 'and that's why Seth likes salads'.

Kyle Bavender Kyle Bavender - class of 2010
Kyle is a Visual Arts New Media major. He enjoys spending an unhealthy amount of time with his friends, listening to music, and musing over video game design. Currently he is trying to wrap his mind around the principles of artistic expression.

Melesa McEwan Melesa McEwan - class of 2010
Melesa graduated with a double major in Christian Education and Spanish plus a minor in Biblical Literature. She joined Client Services in the Summer of 2008. As a Colorado native, she is an outdoors enthusiast, especially when it comes to hiking and soccer. Ask her her blood type and she'll respond 'coffee'. In her spare time, you can find her hanging out with people, enjoying good conversation, and occasionally performing her startlingly realistic monkey impersonation. A recent independent survey concludes that Melesa has the best handwritting on the planet.

Dan Drazba Dan Drazba - class of 2009
Dan graduated with a CSS major specializing in Business Information Systems. He joined Client Services in the Fall of 2005. Dan enjoys listening to his music collection on his HiFi headphone and speaker audio setup. He likes anything computers (including programming and designing websites), watching TV shows (mostly the Office), and playing Video games when he has time. Some of his other random interests include backpacking, card magic, and pyrotechnics.

Nathan Dahl Nathan Dahl - class of 2009
Nathan graduated with a Biology - Pre-Med major with minors in Chemistry and History. He served as our 2009 Senior Tech. Nathan began working with Client Services in the Fall of 2006 and showed dedication even to the point of coming to work with open head wounds. His hobbies include playing cards, watching movies, and studying for the MCAT, though not necessarily in that order.

Robert Anderson Robert Anderson - class of 2009
Robert graduated with a Computer Science--New Media/Systems major. He joined Client Services in the Spring of 2006. He enjoys the arts, and is learning to juggle (in more than one sense of the word).

Denise Holley Denise Holley - class of 2008
Denise graduated with a Comm Studies major and a minor in Public Relations. She joined Client Services in the Spring of 2006. Denise enjoys being creative and watching movies with friends (she's a hopeless LOST addict). Denise has traveled to 36 states, can juggle(!), and has been trained in puppetry. Her dream job would be to work on Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Jay Ohms Jay Ohms - class of 2008
Jay graduated with a CSS major. He joined Client Services way back in the Fall of aught-four, and served his senior year as our Senior Tech. Jay was reunited with his twin brother when they both moved to Chicago after graduation.

Kevin Little Kevin Little - class of 2008
Kevin graduated with a Physics major. He joined Client Services in the Fall of 2004 and is passionate about spicy chicken sandwiches.

Nate Smith Nate Smith - class of 2008
Nate graduated with a Computer Science/Systems major. He joined Client Services in the Fall of 2006. He isn't afraid to admit that he's a geek and thinks that the panacea for most computer problems is a Mac. Nate claims that a manual transmission is a must in any car.

Austin Beer Austin Beer - Class of 2007
Austin graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering. He joined Client Services in the Fall of 2003. Imbued from birth with an imperturbable love of Indiana corn fields (he grew up surrounded by them), he joined Taylor's IT department immediately upon graduation and enjoys the unique opportunity provided by the position to both serve people and work with computers. In his free time, he enjoys watching Stargate SG-1 and not doing homework.