Bandwidth Utilization

In order to help faculty, staff, and students in their efforts to become good stewards of our shared Internet Connection, Taylor University has developed a Bandwidth Utilization Policy. Taylor's policy sets very reasonable quotas, per user, to assure bandwidth availability for academic purposes. Limits are currently set at 15GB per day and 100GB per week.

Use Information Technology's Network Quota System to monitor your current bandwidth usage.

The figures provided below represent the size of typical downloads and can help you gauge your Internet usage and stay within set quotas. Please keep in mind that the figures are estimates and that some sources (CBS, for example) consume more bandwidth than others.

Streaming Applications

30 Minutes 1 Hour2 Hours
Netflix 0.25 GB 0.50 GB1.00 GB
Hulu (Low Quality) 0.25 GB 0.75 GB1.50 GB
Hulu (Med Quality) 0.50 GB 1.00 GB 2.00 GB
Hulu (High Quality) 1.00 GB 2.00 GB 4.00 GB
CBS 3.00 GB 6.00 GB 12.00 GB
ABC 1.00 GB 2.00 GB 4.00 GB
NBC 1.50 GB 3.00 GB 6.00 GB
Pandora < 0.25 GB 0.25 GB0.50 GB
YouTube (Low Quality) < 0.25 GB 0.25 GB0.50 GB
YouTube (High Quality) 0.25 GB 0.50 GB1.00 GB
Skype Voice Call < 0.25 GB < 0.25 GB< 0.25 GB
Skype Video Call (Medium Quality)< 0.25 GB< 0.25 GB0.25 GB
Skype Video Call (High Quality / Hi-Def)< 0.25 GB1.75 GB3.50 GB

Generic Downloads

CD ISO Download 0.75 GB
DVD ISO Download 3.00 GB
iTunes Video Podcast 0.25 GB for a 30 minute video podcast
iTunes Audio Podcast 0.25 GB MB for 5 30 minute podcasts
Amazon Music Download 0.25 GB per 30 songs
Steam Game Download Varies, ranges from <1GB to 15GB